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At Engage & Grow, our mission is to create a globally engaged workforce through support, honesty, respect, common sense & fun so people love what they do. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you or your team become more engaged!

  • 30,000+ Engaged Employees

    This is what we live for…turning under-performing staff into fully engaged employees and allowing leaders to realize their true potential.

  • 80+ Countries

    Since2012, Engage & Grow has expanded to six continents and more than 80 countries to truly become a global movement.

  • 300+ Coaches

    The lifeblood of Engage & Grow are our talented coaches. They exist to help businesses engage in a more meaningful way no matter the size or industry.

The unfortunate fact is, most employees are disengaged... 

Though companies and leaders worldwide recognise the advantages of engaging employees and many have instituted surveys to measure engagement -- employee engagement has barely budged in well over a decade.


Gallup has been tracking employee engagement in the U.S. since 2000. Though there have been some slight ebbs and flows, less than one third of U.S. employees have been engaged in their jobs and workplaces during these 15 years. According to Gallup Daily tracking, 15% of employees in Indonesia are engaged, meaning they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. 


With so many organisations focusing on engaging their employees, the question is:


We not only have the answer...

Together we will create the solution!

  • Unique Approach

    When it comes to improving employee engagement, culture and leadership, the answer is unlike any previous training models you may have tried. 

  • Individual Programs

    Each element of our programs are designed to help you fine-tune the art of becoming a highly regarded leader. It is designed to help you increase your influence and employees' commitment. 

  • Group Programs

    All meetings are designed to captivate and entertain your key people, whilst strategically developing new habits and behaviors. Our programs are designed to take the day-to-day pressures off the leaders.

  • Flexible Options

    All our programs can be run in person or virtually via video link, making it more efficient for you and your team.

  • Highly Efficient

    A series of short and sharp sessions are designed to get your leaders create maximum impact with minimum fuss.

  • Scientifically Designed

    Developed around neuroscience, NLP and the science of motivation, based on human neurological motivators, core needs and preferred way of learning, everything we do during the sessions impact one or more of these elements, which allows us to shift employee engagement like never before.

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